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Dirty Coffee is here to bring you Flash games, comics, articles, funny pictures, and other web content. We recently launched a music section to showcase the audio marvels from our games. Turn up your speakers and hearken in awe.

Formerly Sheepdip, we put our fresh brew through a filter and came out with Dirty Coffee. Take a look around the website. Get into some of our hand-picked games, or check out the gaming articles to see what's good on the web.

Dirty Coffee brings you the best in web entertainment!

What's new @DirtyCoffee?

Play Dirty Coffee's newest game Splatter Bugs! Who knew killing bugs could be so fun?


The Hell Yeah Copter Walkthrough is complete! Finally, you can beat those Red Levels.


Giant Walking Eye is here! Play it now on!


Coming soon: Giant Walking Eye! Dirty Coffee's new distance runner Flash game. Check out the preview here.


The walkthrough for the green levels of Hell Yeah Copter has been posted!


Stuck in Hell Yeah Copter? We just posted a walkthrough for the blue levels (more to come).


We just released a new game: Hell Yeah Copter! Check out this pixel-style explore-and-rescue game!



Games by Dirty Coffee:
by Dirty Coffee
Radioactive super mutant bugs are invading! Defend the homestead with a super-powered bug zapper, lasers, rockets, and a flamethrower!

by Dirty Coffee
Dodge turrets, rescue helpless civilians, and fight off the Squiggs in this pixel adventure. Pilot your helicopter through 40 levels! Is this game fun? Hell yeah!

by Dirty Coffee
We've devised 15 crafty puzzles to test your brain. Drop the colored photons into the maze. A fantastic color-blind friendly feature is also available.