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Worth a Second Look:

Most games ask you to work alone or to work with a partner (human or A.I.). This game asks you to work with yourself. I won’t say Cursor*10 ("Cursor Times Ten") is the first game to do this*, but I will say is that it creates a unique experience in that the player is not in control of the warp back in time. Other games have taken the concept in a different direction (Timebot for example, or the more popular Chronotron), but Nekogames made a unique release that feels more like a race to beat the clock than a puzzle game.

The game gives you 10 cursors (don’t giggle if I say that’s titular) to climb a series of stairs in a time limit. Each cursor has the same amount of timed “life” and the game restarts after that life runs out. Along the way, you’ll meet a series of obstacles that will require you to creatively use the time-warp concept to help future cursor move further along the path. If you don’t have that piece of information when you start, that much alone is a puzzle to figure out.

cursor times 10 screenshot

Replayability comes in when the game gives you bonus points for breaking geometric pyramids along the way (and pride points if you can get all of them with time remaining). The first time through the course you’ll probably have no idea what you’re doing, which means you’ll automatically want to try again to see what your experienced score looks like. Cursor*10 requires quick thinking, a good sense of timing, and planning ahead, and that’s what makes it a fun and unique experience. Nekogames still has Cursor*10 available to play here.

If you’re looking for another interesting twist on this genre, try The Company of Myself. It tries very successfully to modify this style of Flash game into a platformer, and even comes with an interesting plot that plays out during your level progression.

* Cursor*10 has a dated release of January 4, 2008 and Timebot barely beats it to the punch, dated on December 18, 2007. Which game was in development first, I can't say.