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Worth a Second Look:
Straw Hat Samurai

The world of Flash Games changes so quickly that sometimes we forget games that made an impact on us even a few years ago. Released in the latter part of 2008, Straw Hat Samurai was a breath of fresh far-eastern air. With vibrant visuals and engaging game mechanics, this game created an experience that drew the player in from the first slash of the sword.

Some might be reminded of the reserved, calm attitude of Samurai Jack. Straw Hat Samurai walks slowly toward his opponents, but with the swipe of your mouse, he unsheathes his sword and gracefully lops off an enemy’s head.

Straw Hat Samurai Screenshot

This game is not a single grain of rice though. Straw Hat Samurai folds in a few extra layers of complexity as your story progresses, with combo attacks that boost your score and a dramatic coup de grâce as you stab your final enemy in silhouette. A bow is added to your arsenal later on, just as you begin discovering hidden power-ups that offer the choice between permanently increasing your dodge rate or maximum health.

But if that isn’t enough, the gameplay deepens near the end, unfolding a strategy section during the climactic battle. This was a bold step from the designer as changing gameplay midway through a game often results in confusion for the player, but instead of asking you to change the intra-level fighting mechanics, Straw Hat Samurai alters the macro-game, allowing the player to orchestrate his own assault on the enemy encampment. The battle with the final boss fittingly asks you to use all the skills you’ve amassed during the game. Precision and cunning are needed to bring him down.

Straw Hat Samurai was one of my favorites from 2008 and it is definitely worth playing again. You can check it right here on DirtyCoffee.com!