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Top 5 Best Tower Defense Flash Games
Or "How I weaned myself off Starcraft."

Tower Defense (or Turret Defense) games ask the player to stop a set of monsters (creeps, mobs, or what have you) from reaching a goal by building towers of various effects along their path. The genre really took off with a prolific amount of Starcraft maps that featured the missile turret, but has since found a welcome home in Flash games. What follows are the 5 greatest tower defense Flash games ever to grace the internet.

5) VR Defender Y3k
Overstrike Reveal

This tower defense game is a blast from the past (or future?). VR Defender is simple in its design, yet it asks so much of you strategically. VR Defender relies heavily on turret placement and careful money management (translation: it’s hard). For example, depending on how you place it, the Flamethrower can be devastating or just plain pathetic. But if you manage to build up the cash and get to the Void tower or Light tower, you’ll be plenty satisfied with the purchase. For a real challenge, beat the game on “Really Hard” mode (Impossible mode is accurately titled). By the way, I have found old versions out there in which the towers are not selectable once placed. This is a glitch and you should try it on a different website if that happens (try Armor Games).


4) Bloons Tower Defense 4
Assassin's Creed Revelations

Bloons Tower Defense is a spinoff of the popular Bloons series. It takes all the fun of monkeys popping balloons and lines those balloons up single file so you can really unleash some primate-powered dart fury. Number 4 is the latest (at time of writing) in the series and offers a bevy of balloon-popping paraphernalia ranging from triple-mortars to lightsabers to a “Sun God” (“Legends speak of a being that fears no Bloon”) which upgrades from the Super Monkey. You rank up as you pop more Bloons to unlock your arsenal (tip: when you finish a map, continue in free-play mode to rank up faster). The level of balance in the game allows you to play with your choice of towers (one route is not necessarily better than another) although you’ll undoubtedly want a super monkey eventually. And Bloons TD 4 is still being updated with new towers and new maps! The streets will be soaked with rainbow-colored latex and helium.


3) Cursed Treasure: Don’t Touch My Gems
Prototype 2

Cursed Treasure, why did I play you so much? Oh right the “Brilliant” ratings. The first thing you’ll notice about Cursed Treasure is that the enemies do not simply “take a life” if they reach your base. Instead, they’ll steal a gem and try to abscond with it to do dirty things to it back in their little hide-out. And by “dirty things,” I mean have sex with it. Listen to the creepy way they laugh when they touch one. Anyway, you’ll actually get two chances for them to pass your towers. The second point of interest here is that you don’t just level up your towers as you play each level (you do), you also level up your evil-overlord self as you play the game. Gaining experience by killing the thieves will help you unlock new abilities in three categories (relating to the three types of turrets) that will aid you in defending your gems. It’s a great motivator to keep playing and leveling up even when you can’t yet beat a level. You’ve also got three spells, each with definitive purposes, to help you stave off the thieves. These come in handy especially for bosses and for the ninjas, whose dirty tricks allow them to bypass most of your towers. By the way, hold shift to cast a spell multiple times (*cough* meteor). And show no mercy to ninjas!


2) Onslaught 2
Modern Warfare 3

If you like Tower Defense games, and you’ve never played this one, you’ve done yourself a disservice. Stop what you’re doing…okay wait…finish reading this article, then go play. What happened to Onslaught 1 is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, but what is known is that it turned into one epic sequel. Onslaught may not be the prettiest among this bunch, but it brings a host of useful and unique towers and support towers to the table, each of which you can upgrade individual stats for, and, wait for it, combo together. Building certain towers near each other and upgrading them unlocks new and unique weaponry. Put a rocket tower next to a laser tower and you’ll get laser rockets. Put two machine-gun towers next to a rocket tower and you’ll get a nuke. And for the really advanced player, try Laser Chaining. It’s even more powerful than the mighty Sniper Rifle. This game is easy to pickup, but so complex that the creator has an online guide describing its various nuances. Fun, challenging, and a little weird. Why are we killing printers, stars, and…spiky football helmets??? Who cares? Start trying combos. Unleash the Black Hole. It’s awesome.


1) Desktop Tower Defense
The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

With multiple challenge modes, a great corps of turrets, a 10k gold mode (v. 1), sandbox mode (Pro), and the ability to build a custom maze, Desktop Tower Defense remains one of my favorite Flash games not just within this genre, but of all time. The “hand drawn” style and sound effects give it a carefree feel, but DTD is a deeper game. It asks you to deal with several different types of creeps, each with unique abilities, while simultaneously building the most devious maze you can muster. You must use this power to maximize damage and contain the waves that don’t fall in line (damn you Spawners!). Focus too much on the incoming ground troops, and you risk letting the Flyers through. Rely heavily on freeze towers, and the Immune crew will walk right by. You must use all the tools you have to conquer the little critters. Hearing them say "Ow!" when they die never gets old. You're in control with this one. Make it count.