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Game Preview:
Giant Walking Eye

This is an official sneak peak at Dirty Coffee's upcoming Flash game Giant Walking Eye! Play as the alien invaders, storming cities worldwide in this distance runner game. Click here to skip to the teaser video below.

Upgrade your walkers. Unlock achievements. Destroy humanity. You'll be striding through 25 of the world's major cities and fighting off their militaries in a four-legged eyebot walker. Use your lasers and missiles to fend off the human's pathetic attacks as your claw harvests their flesh for the good of the alien species. As you pick up speed, you'll gain a powerful shield, protecting you from tanks, bazookas, and helicopters.


GWE Screencap


Get ready to crush humanity, and make deft decisions about where to strike next. Test your precision and timing to blast your way through infantry, armor, and airstrikes. Pass through crumbling cities as the humans send their bombers and nukes at you. Will you be able to survive Earth's defenses and conquer the planet?


GWE Screencap


The game features 25 levels of reckless destruction including day, night, and snow levels. If that's not enough, unlock Onslaught Mode and continue stomping your way to a high score. As you progress, you'll be able to upgrade 7 different aspects of your walkers and unlock 16 different achievements for bonus flesh to help you continue your attack. Open up the Mothership blasts for serious extermination or to get you out of a tight spot.


GWE Screencap


Earth is not prepared for your invasion. Unleash your evil side. Catch a glimpse of Giant Walking Eye in the Teaser Trailer below.


Giant Walking Eye Teaser Trailer


Giant Walking Eye - coming soon from Dirty Coffee.

3/12/12 Update: Giant Walking Eye has been released! Play it here.