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Giant Walking Eye by Dirty Coffee
Invade the Earth. Upgrade your walkers. Destroy humanity. Giant Walking Eye is a distance runner that puts you in a an alien eyebot, striding through 25 of the world's major cities. Use your lasers and missiles to fend off the human's pathetic attacks as your claw harvests their flesh for the good of the alien species. As you pick up speed, you'll gain a powerful shield, protecting you from tanks, bazookas, and helicopters.

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Choose a city to invade. You'll be tasked with a different goal in each—destroying tanks or helicopters, collecting humans, or reaching a distance. Kill off bazooka soldiers and tanks with your laser. Harvest the rest of the humans by letting them pass under your walker. Their flesh will serve as your money for upgrades. If you're hit while your speed is above 30 m/s, the shield will absorb the impact. Below 30, you'll die. The Mothership blast can help you survive Earth's most devastating attacks!

V to fire the laser.
C to fire the missiles (when unlocked).
Up/Down arrow keys to aim the missiles (when unlocked).
Space to fire a Mothership blast (when unlocked).
P to pause the game.

Worldwide release:

March 12, 2012