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Hell Yeah Copter by Dirty Coffee
Hell Yeah Copter is a fun and addictive pixel-throwback Flash game, reminiscent of our Atari days long ago. Use your amazing piloting skills to dodge turrets, rescue helpless civilians, and fight off the looming threat of the Squiggs. You may even find some secrets along the way. Explore and conquer all 40 levels of increasing difficulty and then fly through them again as fast as you can for more points! Can you save all the stick-people? Hell yeah!

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Rescue all the people to unlock the exit door at the end of the level. Faster times and better flying will get you more points.

Arrow keys to move.
C to shoot.
V to drop bombs.
P to pause the game.
Controls can be customized in the Options menu!

Worldwide release:

January 16, 2012


Listen to the Hell Yeah Copter soundtrack here on DirtyCoffee.com!

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