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Dirty Coffee is here to bring you Flash games, comics, articles, funny pictures, and other web content. We recently launched a music section to showcase the audio marvels from our games. Turn up your speakers and hearken in awe.

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Music from: Hell Yeah Copter

The music of Hell Yeah Copter presented new challenges in creating memorable melodies with a retro-pixel sound. The Hell Yeah Copter main theme (Rescue Blades by Chris Woodhams) uses the drum beat to simulate the sound of the chopper blades and alternates bass line and melody to keep the song fresh on a short repeat. The Menu music (Blue Beats) is only a brief loop in-game, but grabs your attention from the start. The third track, Doom Squigg may not be heard by all gamers, but provides an intentionally menacing mood for one of Hell Yeah Copter's levels. However, the soundtrack is suitably fun and upbeat for an equally fun game.

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